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Despite they at party are overdressed,
children are feeling distressed.
To those who are right now oppressed,
and those who right now feel depressed:

Even if you are hard-pressed
Never let them your voice suppressed
Let your thoughts expressed
For the voiceless victims, silently plant cypresses

Congratulations, you’ve become a commander
You can kill people more collectively

Congratulations, you’ve become a police officer
You can oppress people more legally

Congratulations, you’ve become a reporter
You can brainwash people more effectively

Congratulations, you’ve become a public officer
You can waste tax on more bribery

Congratulations, you’ve become a politician
You can deceive people more constantly

Congratulations, you are a normal citizen
You are ignoring all of them ordinarily

Your indifference make no difference
They make us have baseless abhorrence
They make us rise intense belligerence
They make war with our brainwashed concurrence

There is no deterrence
There is no interference
There is only people’s deference
There is no way to avoid recurrence

No one notices incoherence
No one cares occurrence
No one seats peace conference
No one tries to stop violence

Wake up.
Chin up.
Stand up.
Start up.

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