Far-Rightism and Leftism in Japan

First of all, I am both a rightist and leftist. Basically, I am a rightist about Japanese affairs and yet I am also a leftist regarding the international affairs. As for my rightist view, I fundamentally support the Abe regime although there are some points I cannot agree with. I am also a patriot, disagree with so-called Japanese leftists in many points, and support collective defence (I even wonder why Japan had never admitted it). Moreover, I believe the Japanese Constitution should be changed; and the education should show respect for the country—especially spotting on our proud history of Japan. I mean, schools and universities only teach Japanese negative side of history, ignoring the important roles Japan played in the past.

On the contrary, I am strongly anti-USA to the core and believe in individual freedom which are supported by many “leftists” in the world. I do hate Israeli policy against Palestinians, Turkish one against Kurds and American one against (almost) everything. I oppose NWO like leftists do, and I am for revolution in the Middle East known as Arab Spring. I even disagree with a part of Abe policies such as TPP and the subservient policies to the United States. As mentioned above, I feel sympathy for both rightists and leftists in Japan and the world.

However, both sides indeed have stupid extremists. For instance, let’s take a look at the Japanese hostages crisis here. As for rightists, some of them insisted Kenji Goto was a Korean-Japanese… Are you sure? There was no particular evidence. Even if true, so what? Who would give a single damn? That have absolutely nothing to do with the crisis. This insistence without ground was based on racist views which especially hate Koreans and Chinese. These far-right people can express their patriotism only when they attack other countries; what miserable guys. They also childishly claimed for the suicide of two hostages, stating: if you are Japanese, commit hara-kiri (cutting their stomachs; a traditional way of suicide for samurai). Hey, it’s 21st Century. Where did you come from? Don’t disgrace the aesthetic of ruin, which has been cherished for more than a thousand years in Japan, pushing your selfish opinions.

On the one hand, rightists basically criticised hostages; on the other hand, leftists blamed the government as always. Leftist way might sound normal for non-Japanese, but their argument was completely different from what you would expect. Lo and behold, they insisted that attacking Abe meant fighting against terrorism. Nope. You are fighting against Abe, not terrorists. How do you explain Abe’s hostility to ISIS? They also demand Abe’s resignation because “he is responsible for the crisis.” Are you kidding me? Name any countries whose leader actually quit due to hostage crisis. Making the country unstable is the worst thing to do when it is in such trouble. As I explained on the former article, there was a hashtag #IamNotAbe on Twitter although it had no effect upon the release of the captives. In fact, ISIS reported Japanese anti-Abe movement positively and praised “leftist” actions. At the same time, these leftists only criticised Japanese government in stead of ISIS. It was like they hate those who have different opinion more than terrorists who killed two Japanese people.

I have to remind you that these stupid arguments are only among a few idiots; most people on both right and left sides had relatively rational views. Thankfully, most Japanese know Islam and Muslims have nothing to do with these terrorists; therefore, these is no huge anti-Islam protests like ones in Germany. However, every individual has to be aware of hate speech, Islamophobia and racism which are supported by extremism. Since the hatred against a certain group is soaring in the world, Japanese people and other citizens all around the world must alert the extremism to themselves and people around them.

What about your country?

2 responses to “Far-Rightism and Leftism in Japan

  1. after two japanese hostage killed, i felt ambarrassed and left my advanced japanese class and comunity.bcz they dont think about islam like u.even 2 years ago i had to leave my japanese job

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