aJ9LiN6XMitsukuni Shiraga is a Japanese journalist specialised in the Middle Eastern conflicts, especially ones in Palestine, Kurdistan and Bahrain. He was once deported from Bahrain and Turkiye because he reported the unpleasant truth for the regime. He strongly believe in freedom of speech, as far as it doesn’t support hate speech, disinformation or propaganda. He seeks the way of expression from neutral standpoint as a Japanese concerning the conflict zones in the Middle East and other areas. Using various media such as TV News, newspapers, SNS and online outlets, he is trying to inform people with information which people need to know, rather than which people want to know. He says “I could be cruel for both oppressors and even readers, but I will report everything if it’s the truth.”

Twitter: @BulletproofFact

Interview: “Palestiniana” by Garry Cook, published in 2013.


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