Palestine Around My Head

First of all, I must tell you why I have such a strong interest in Palestine. In Japan, people, especially the young have little concern about international affairs including Palestine-Israel conflict. I am just a teenager though I think of these problems every day. Why?

When I started Twitter, I came across a woman. She was a Christian Palestinian living in the USA. I talked with her for a while, and I was so impressed her words. “I’m a Christian Palestinian and Israel is killing us, but the world does not know that we exist,” she said.

Then I researched Palestine-Israel conflict. One day, I found a blog running many pictures of dead or injured Palestinians. I was terribly shocked. I was so ignorant that I did not know what happens to people including children and teenagers of my age were killed in the other countries every day. I was not able to imagine how I would be killed; it was beyond my imagination. As I lived in Japan, where is called “the country of peace senility.” I was among the patients. Ignorance is the most horrible sin; this lesson is still my motto.

The days started when I learned about Palestine harder. The more I knew, the more I thought Israel had little justice. In fact, I can understand Jewish people want their own state because this idea is had by Palestinians, too. But Israel — I do not mean all the Jewish people — had to be more careful. They were too assertive to build the new state. And of course, the other Western country, too. After World War II, Western country had too much sympathy for Jewish people due to holocaust. I have read the daily of Anne Frank, so I guessed if I had been there at the time, I would have been going to support Zionism with excessive sympathy. And needless to say, Western people did that. Israel got carried away; it invaded territory more than territory resolved by UN Partition Plan for Palestine. Precisely, this resolution even had no legalities.

Israel is colonising Palestine today; it seems as if they do not know 1967 line. It kills Palestinians beyond the law by using IOF (also known as IDF) and Mossad. It is obvious that Israel transgresses international laws, but the Western media would not report this fact enough, there are still overlooking Israeli dirty works. It is not just because Israel claims pro-Palestinian people to be as anti-Semitic. The United States and many Western countries want supports of the domestic Jewish bank. The world is working for the money. In short, money operates the world. Concerning this, Japan is among those. I am proud of Japanese culture and history, but am not proud of its politics at all. Japanese politicians are so weak-kneed, I am disappointed.

By the way, Palestine-Israel conflict becomes well-known international problem more and more in Japan, too. Back in 1972, Japanese Red Army (JRA) caused Lod Airport Massacre. These extreme-left terrorists killed 26 people and injured 73 people. After that, the feeling of Palestine was not so good in Japan because PFLP supported JRA and Israel required that Japanese get a visa because of this terrible incident. But time went on, Akira Ikegami, a famous Japanese journalist, introduces Palestine-Israel conflict rightly. So nowadays Japanese people have better feeling of Palestine than the past, I think. But there are still misunderstood things. For instance, a TV show said “There is Palestine in Israel.” Technically, Israel is located in historic Palestine. We Japanese should know more things about Palestine and have our own opinion.

Some people make Palestine-Israel conflict a religion problem, but actually, it is a political problem. Zionists are using Judaism as an excuse to claim that they are the chosen people who should live in Palestine as mentioned in the Old Testament. Strange to say, extreme Zionists even say God only protects Israel. However, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have same God; that’s why their logic is invalid. In fact, Israel now is a secular country. It buys many weapons, kills many Palestinians… would religious people do that? No way. It is just corrupt country like the United States. Israel use religion as a tool of politics.

Speaking of religion, since 2001, Muslim extremists have been caught in Zionists’ net. The media says only Muslims are terrorists and Islam is terrorism. Please let me cite Prophet Muhammad’s words: “an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab and a white man has no superiority over a black man, nor a black man over a white man — except by piety and good actions.” Also, Muslims usually use “As-Salamu Alaykum” as greeting,which means “Peace be upon you.” This is real Islam. I have read Japanese-translated Quran when I learned about Middle East issues and I know Islam is religion of peace. In addition, most of people think the word of “jihad” only means fight against pagan, however, this word originally means striving in the way of God, including individual struggle against evil in your mind. This is called “Greater jihad.” Fight against pagan is called “Lesser jihad.” People thought Muslims are all terrorists because CNN and the other media reported only Lesser jihad and treated Bin Laden as if he represented all Muslims with disgust. And Israel invests finance in the media that agitate against Muslims like CNN and so on. But believe me, terrorists have no religion. They only have brain-washed ideas.

In view of the history, I dislike the United Kingdom, which disturbed relationship between Arabs and Jewish people. This country should pay more sacrifice to bring peace in Palestine. In the past, many Arabs and Jewish people had hoped they could build peaceful state together. Some people say Arabs and Jewish people will never compound with each other, but I believe they are wrong. Indeed, the peace negotiation progresses very slow — sometimes it seems to be going away — indeed it will take very long time, but it must be going to come true. You may call me idealist living in the country of peace senility. For now, I think so too and am writing this with heavy mind. This difficult problem seems impossible to solve. They will give and take, however, the conflict will end.

In the Palestine-Israel conflict, both Palestinian and Jewish people have own justice. The former is justice of resistance to conquest by Israel. The latter is justice of fruition of Zionism. So it is not problem of right or wrong; it is just problem of give and take. Extremists are always making it harder and we are bored with that annoying never-ending interchange of ideas, you know. Recently, PLO applied application for statehood to UN and joined UNESCO. It is the very time to have serious and constructive talks.

Lastly, I must say, ask yourself if you have prayed for Palestine every night. Prayer will not do anything for Palestinians directly, but you will do something for Palestine if you pray for it every night. I cannot explore injured people, save people from Israeli attacks, discuss peace with Israel. I can only know truth, donate money, tell facts and write this. But to be sure, it will be strength. I do not confine those actions to the Palestinian problem. We should also learn about starvation, HIV, poverty, LGBT, Kurdistan and so on. Then we should do something. Then just do it, whatever is all right. Please inform people about what is happening in another country. To know is marvellous, not to know is awful.

3 responses to “Palestine Around My Head

  1. Mashallah, great essay with good understanding to Palestinian cause. Thanks, really Palestine needs every effort exerted by us to publish the right and the peaceful side of the cause.

  2. You’re awesome little Japanese dude. I love how you’re more clued up than 99% of western adults, you’re a credit to Japan and give us hope for future generations.

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