Israel vs. Kurdistan, Which Solidarity Would You Promote?

Some Kurds insists that Kurdish people should unite with Israel. On the one hand, Israel hates Palestinians — as in, Arabs. On the other hand, Kurds have been oppressed by Iraq, Syria and so on. Halabja massacre symbolize oppression by Arabs. Yes, they have same enemy.” Israel supports Kurds more than Arab countries do, therefore there are people insisting so. A wise man said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

I saw this idea on many websites and thought it contradicted itself. Indeed, I can understand how Kurds hate Arabs because of their terrible affairs. However, Israel oppresses Palestinians like Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Doesn’t it mean they are helping oppression despite Kurds have been oppressed? It does not matter what object of oppression is. Oppression is nothing but oppression; there is no excuse for it. Israel should not oppress Palestinians and Arabs should not oppress Jewish people. You can also apply it to Kurds and Arabs/Turkish people. This principle looks like obvious but I know practicing this principle is difficult if you think about it by your feeling. You should think by your cool head.

First of all, I think Kurds should unite with each other before they discuss cooperation with other countries. It is not time to argue which political party is better; Kurdish parties have to band together beyond their principles to get freedom. I think PKK will be a good body of new representation of Kurdistan. Kurdish parties should overlook policy of each other for the time being. But I do not tend to say Kurds should have the communistic structure, PKK does not mean the communistic terrorists. I mean, PKK-based new organization should be established. Kurds need new strong leader who can unite all the Kurds by him/herself unless s/he is a dictator.

Second, Israel is friend of Turkey. These relations are not so close for now, but it will continue, I think. Who could be friends of their enemies? Precisely, what Israel does in Palestine is same as what Turkey does in Kurdistan. At least I cannot trust Turkey owing to this fact. Both kill so many innocent civilians. The relation between Japan and Turkey is very friendly, so at first I could not believe that Turkey does such terrible things in Kurdistan. However, now my eyes are open, I like Turkish people but I do not like the government at all. Could you believe Israel even though you heard it? The way of thinking is same. It means Israel has brain of Turkey. How horrible!

Third, Israel will have to use Kurdistan as a piece to achieve their purposes. We should not trust Israel because Israel does everything for only itself like the United States. I never think Israel will help Kurdistan from bottom of their heart; they will use Kurds as just a tool. They say “anti-Semitics movement and anti-Kurds movement are rising in many Arab countries.” No way. There are few anti-Semitics people now. Although I do not think every Arab is pro-Kurds, I think it is a trap of Israel. They try to strain fact and only show carrot to Kurds for now. They will leave Kurdistan as soon as they achieved their purposes. It is not important for them to support Kurds but is only important to be supported by Kurds. I cannot cooperate with such a corrupt country. Moral of this story is, the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

Also, Arabs should recognize Kurdish problems, I think. Kurds are not a bunch of terrorists, annoying neighborhood, etc. Especially Palestinians, there is a similarity between you and Kurds about the situation. I cannot understand “pro-Palestine, anti-Kurdistan” idea although there are some people who have it. It even looks like hypocrite unless your family was killed by Kurds. Why? You and Kurds are in same circumstances. Shake hands with Kurds so that all Arabs would recognize that Kurds could be Arabs’ friends. Unite!

I think Arabs should not increase their enemies anymore. Kurds will know what you have felt because that is actually what Kurds have felt. Kurds know oppression by Turkey and so on; Arabs know oppression by Israel and so on. I know it is hard for both Kurds and Arabs to realize, but we should do it. Abandon your prejudice, be honest, talk with each other, and you will get something good. If all the Arabs are not terrorists, so are Kurds, simple as that.

Individually, I had interest in Kurdistan thanks to Palestine. When I began Twitter, I met a Palestinian refugee in the United States. From then, I have been interested in Middle Eastern problems. One day, I came across a book titled “Kurds and Kurdistan” at my school. But I would ignore it if I did not know Palestine problem, like people ignore Palestine. So I owe my awareness of Kurdistan to Palestine. My heart hurts when pro-Kurdistan people insult Arabs and when Palestine people insult Kurds. I said, both people are in same situation. I strongly believe that they must compromise with each other. I know my opinion may sound like friendship between Arabs and Israelis, but Kurds and Arabs must be friends. I can never support Israel with Kurdistan, also I can never ignore Kurdish problem. I really hope they will recognize each other equally. It will take a lot of time, but slowness is all right. I am more afraid of fast and unready than slow and ready.

Nazmi Huzuri, Palestine council general in Kurdistan Region, even said that some of Palestinians are Kurds. “Kurdistan region and Israel have no relation together and any news in this regard is mere propaganda, since Kurds and Palestinians do have common points which bring them together,” he also mentioned. To all the Kurds, do not forget but do forgive. Some Arabs would like to establish friendly relations. I think you should recognize it and accept it. But never become people like youth in Japanese, not only did they forgive the United States, but they forgot to be dropped atomic bombs. Sad to say, some kids nowadays do not know exact dates of dropping atomic bombs. For your information, those were 6 August (in Hiroshima) and 9 August (in Nagasaki) 1945. I hope young Kurds in the future will remember 16 March 1988 and those dates since Halabja massacre was Kurdish Hiroshima. Also, people in Balochistan are friendly to Kurds, too. They are struggling against Pakistan to get freedom like Kurds.

This essay will be read by both Kurds and Arabs so I am waiting comments from both sides. I hope you guys will unite and become good friends!

10 responses to “Israel vs. Kurdistan, Which Solidarity Would You Promote?

  1. Thank you, Mr. Tanaka, you would live in the Middle East would look at the situation another way, we want the Alliance for Kurd and Arab, but the poet of Kurd Said (scissors and hair are not brothers), many of them under the racist thoughts grown
    Arabs are not happy with this alliance and believe that their losses

  2. This was a very considerate essay. I don’t know if Kurds can trust anybody, since we have been used by everyone. I hope in the near future we can have good relations with everyone in the Middle East, but this is doubtful. As for the PKK, that is a dream that a good leader will come out of that party, unless its from the BDP party. PKK has close ties to Assad Al Bashar, they threatened Turkey last Thursday that if they enter Syria they will make all Kurdish areas in Turkey a war zone. The Barzani and Talabani clan is corrupt to no end, but I think there are better chances of a democratic leader coming from there. As for the Kurd’s friends, I do not think in reality we have any. That is why we have the saying, “No friends but the mountains”.

  3. Thanks alot for tag , i read it all
    Mashallah you have a good knowledge about kurdish -palestinian cause
    after reading your essay i decided to read more about this important issue
    because it is highly related to the future of the state of palestine
    as you said “israel use Kurds as just a tool to achieve its purposes & its purposes always against palestine.”
    So kurds& arabs should become friends as “your grandfather`s enemy will never be your friend”

  4. Väldigt bra skrivet av Mr. Tanaka. Även om jag inte är så insatt i ämnet så håller jag med Tanaka då vi talar rent humanitärt. Fred kan endast uppstå med överenskommelser och acceptans av andras skillnader, vilket jag en dag hoppas folk som förtrycker andra inser.

  5. Arigato for you’re awareness of Kurdish struggle. We have tried to strengthen relations with Japan before but Turkey…

  6. Thank you for the solidarity & support! Some Kurds aren’t even half the person you are.

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