Secret Security in Japan

In current Japan, “the Secret Security Act” is arising much controversy. This law let the government research and manage the information of people who are involved in Japanese “special secret,” such as national government officials, local civil servant and employees of universities. Even if this law is established, however, when systems and technologies to prevent leakage of information are not in order, this law will be useless and only exacerbate unease of the mass. Some media and what is called “civic groups” rigidly apply the right to know to watch this act, but listen to me, how the hell does government protect its nations? Are you kidding me? Do you think if you ask the enemy that “When you disembark our land, we will allocate the force to these points, so you enemy, please land here and there,” the enemy will say “Okay bro!” and obey us? If the limit of Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) or level of ability to compile information would exposed, hypothetical enemy, they could assault us with full countermeasures. You might say “this is not such an era, but war will come when you forget it. The country next to Japan embraces a policy like imperialism, or imperialism itself. Why don’t Japanese think about your country? Japan is obviously a country of Japanese. Concern your own country earnestly, or Senkaku islands will be occupied. Takeshima will be occupied forever. Unfortunately, they are serious.

I, in the past, was influenced by lefty thought taught at school, which retain traces of the though control by GHQ. However, right after I gain competence to think things by my own brain, I became one of people who “ask what the government can do for you, ask what you can do for the government.” It would sound like I am a kind of totalitarians, however, now “private” spoils “public” very much. In such an era, this word by John F. Kennedy could be seen in a new light. In fact, Kennedy might be sort of influenced by socialism, a one kind of totalitarianism. He was the president of the United States in 1960’s when he was in his 40’s. Rightly, the United States competed against Union of Soviet (USSR) at that time and he experienced the New Deal which Roosevelt adopted referring the Five-Year Plan of the USSR. After war was the prime of socialism, therefore it is natural for him to be influenced by it.

You know, however, the Second Five-Year Plan has terribly failed. Although there were millions of the starvings in the USSR, almost all capitalistic countries partly adopted socialism. To tell the truth, it is not known well that the New Deal itself was not a success very much at the first step. American economy went better because of the Second World War, especially against Japan. This topic went off the subject, but in summary, Kennedy said this word which can be sounded like Nazism because he was influenced by socialism, that is, a kind of totalitarianism a little. And yet, those who thought “that’s right” when they hear this word would be well-balanced people.

Japan became such a country where lefty people criticize without these long explanations. Japan became such a country where the Prime Minister claim for rights which is obvious worldwide and he is considered as a far-right. Liberty Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) was regarded as conservative yet lefty sects invaded it during “55 Year Order,” making the system lefty. Prime Minister Abe, who belongs to LDP, is often criticized as right politician in Japan and other some Asian countries, however, he claims something obvious in the world. Of course I do not one hundred support him, but in the United States Army, “Strong Japan Theory,” an idea which asserts that armament of JSDF should be reinforced, is mainstream and Japan needs much predominance of military power to be neutral country which is essential not to be involved in the Third World War. However, it is impossible for Japan to be a neutral country without doubt. No one would like to abandon the Japan-US Security Treaty and the media will never overlook reinforcement of military power. They will certainly run an opposite campaign.

By the way, what is patriotism? Both right sects and lefty sects cherish Japan (Hopefully). Then why is there such a big difference? I define patriotism “a backbone to protect their culture and tradition, to love hometown and to unite for these beloved factors. This is my personal opinion. I am very curious to know the definition of Japanese. For you, what is patriotism?

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