Is Smoker-phobia Getting Citizenship?

I am a smoker and I do not smoke by people who hate it. But some people blame me for smoking even though I have never smoked near them — they blame me on the Internet — I have never seen them in real life. I respect the right to avoid smoke. Therefore, people need to respect smokers with manner. Indeed, I hate thoughtless smokers as well as them. Anti-smoking people should stop blaming smokers without discrimination. Be cool, guys.

Also, I hate being asked the question that “Why do you smoke?” Because I like it, who would smoke cigarette even though he or she hates it? Seriously, mind your own business. But still, I am often advised to stop smoking online. Actually, I appreciate your caring about my health; I say this without sarcasm. Never insult smokers including me, however, it is bloody online space. Does your Internet connection emit my damnable smoke? If so; I am really really sorry, I will never smoke again in front of a computer or telephone.

Also, to people who say “Stop smoking” to me: Thank you for your concern, but I have already learned danger that smoking harms my health very much in my school. But I chose to smoke, so please deal with it. In addition, I really care when or/and where to smoke. I always ask people around me “May I smoke?” I do not throw cigarette butt away by the roadside or trash can for normal rubbish; I search for an ashtray. Do not just hate smokers, please.

I think you should know smokers are losing their rights.

4 responses to “Is Smoker-phobia Getting Citizenship?

  1. Well among the usual things is that it has just been discovered that smoking rots your brain and can affect your genes and has been found to continue to affect the genes of your great-granchildren.Another problem is that your clothes will smell of smoke and often churns the stomach of people sensitive to(like myself for example)i can smell the smoke from one car away in a traffic stop.Other than that maybe you can smoke cigars; you do not draw as much toxins and in general,they do not put those carcinogenic additives that cigarrettes have.

  2. I tend to agree. Soon they will be asking why I don’t jog…that I should because it’s good for me, that I should buy well known labels rather than the other tat made in the same factory, or believe the media…for my own good. I don’t own a car. I take public transport. Car owners deserve the real rath of the public. The truth is it is inconvenient therefore not taken seriously.

  3. Yes and no. When you smoke your brain is changed. Liking cigarette? Does not exist! What exists is that your brain is hooked on nicotine, and you have conditioned your own behavior. Your brain feels the nicotine itch, and you think “Oh I’d like a cigarette”. But it is not true… So feel free to smoke, but when somebody makes you see the naked truth do not try to silence him…

  4. Truth is a big word. Especially naked. And brain cells don’t judge. They like all kinds of stuff, like cars, alcohol and countless other things that are said to be bad. Prohibition always has consequence.

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