Ever-Lasting Myth

Once upon a time, there was a black sheep. She was born in a farm where a man used his dogs to drive sheep. His dogs once were wolves, but he tamed the ones. Also there were numerous foxes round the farm, but the man killed them and made numerous fur coats to sell. By the way, the black sheep was able to speak. She learned language from an old sheep although it was forbidden by the man. Some old sheep were able to understand what the man says, but they never resisted because they thought that the doom was obvious for the sheep. The other sheep even forgot how to understand and speak language.

The other day, when the black sheep turned one year old, her mother left out of the fence. A week later, so did her father. She did not know why. Then an old sheep came to her and said that they two sheep were sent to the slaughterhouse, where their lives end. She cried. The next day, she talked to the man. “Hey, why did you kill my parents?” The man got angry and said, “Speak when you are spoken to.” The man whipped her and the old sheep who had taught her language. The old sheep died two days after with his last word. “Girl, there is something wrong. You can be the savior.”

She started resistance for the first time in sheep’s history. She kicked the ground to hit sands and stones to the man, even ended up kicking him directly. She was whipped each time she offended the man, but she never quit the resistance. “Why should I give up? The man hasn’t given up yet.”

She gained some sympathisers. The number of “Free Group” dramatically increased. At last, almost all of the sheep in the farm became members or supporters of the group. The man got more scars than the black sheep.

He eventually hired gunmen. The black sheep and some core members were shot in their legs and sent to the slaughterhouse. She has never given up her resistance until she was clubbed to death. In spite of her strong will, the resistance gradually died down. A few months later, the old “peaceful” situation came back to the farm. The speakers of language lessened year by year, as the cause of resistance were buried in the bottom of their mind. A year later, the movement of resistance seemed to completely died away.

Then, one couple gave birth to a black sheep.

2 responses to “Ever-Lasting Myth

  1. publish it in a story book..maybe tone it down a little for the kids..i think you have something going!!

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