Let’s Be A Realist, Palestinians.

Palestine won its statehood in the United Nations as “non-member observer state” in last month. Most of Palestinians celebrate this historical event, and yet some nourish a feeling of impatience because they are afraid that the “State of Palestine,” that is, 22 per cent of “historical Palestine” would be recognized whole Palestine and ignored the rest of historical Palestine.

I know that feel, but listen to me. The world expect you that the state of Palestine will be based on the border in 1967. They think that Palestine will be the West Bank and Gaza. I do not want to say this painful truth, but they never imagine the world without Israel because the United States, the most influential country in the world, is supporting it and is indirectly ruled by it. Remember, you cannot get rid of Israel from your map. It is more than a shame, I know, but I will not be dreaming anymore. Unfortunately, sadly, or whatever, truth always hurts. What it amounts to is this, we have to get real.

It is okay if you insist you will fight against Israel until it disappears. It will take more than tens of years, you know, you cannot see the world without Israel in your life. Your child will take after you, your grandchild will do, your great-grandchild will do, … War never ends. War never ends, you must know that. Struggle till victory, everyone says. But what victory? Isn’t the real victory peace? Palestinians are fighting because they want to bring back their country. So do Israelis. I do not mean far-right Zionists, however, I believe you know Israeli’s feeling, too.

We disappointed about the world’s ignorance of war, poverty and hunger. We always condemn ignorant people. I must say, however, 80 per cent of the world is filled with ignorant or neglect people. We must deal with these people and try to change the world. Do you know what to do in order to make them ignore the problems? To let people regard the problem as an “unsolvable” one. If people think that a problem do not seem to be easy to solve, they tend to leave it and ignore it by and large.

You need a “hero” when you achieve what seems impossible. For instance, Cuba accomplished socialism revolution despite of pressure of the United States. Then Castro had a hero, Che Guevara. People believed in him,therefore they did anything difficult and endured many hardship — then won. Concerning Palestine, who is the hero? Abbas? No. Laila Khalid? Retired. Vittorio Arrigoni? Died. Now that Palestinians do not have particular or outstanding hero, Palestinians themselves must be heroes. “People used to say Palestinians fight like heroes, but now they say heroes fight like Palestinians,” Norman Finkelstein said. You can be a hero; you are a hero.

Look at Syria! There seems no way to end the war, so the corrupted media began to stop reporting news about it. Turn around, look at Palestine! Gaza was recently bombed and the General Assembly approved a motion granting Palestine non-member observer state status. The something-new-seeking media reported it everywhere. To inform people around the world, you need change. I know it sounds like populism or something thin, but this time we need drastic change to get out of this situation. You know what to do.

I feel enough on Balochistan nowadays because Balochs around me only update their status saying their hate against Pakistan. A sentence “Go to hell Pakistan!” makes no sense at all. Indeed, some Pakistani would go to hell after they died. But this world is not hell or heaven yet. This world means this world. Mind only this world unless you are a pious person.

I have a solution. If you need peace and your land, then look for compromise. If you hate the enemy anyway, then fight against each other forever.

3 responses to “Let’s Be A Realist, Palestinians.

  1. i don’t agree with you bro. Let’s Be A Realist ok but it is about occupation so the word PEACE means sth Different

  2. I liked your reflection. I agree we need to reach a solution as you suggested. I can’t agree so much on us being heroes. As we are born & living in such very complicated situation, we feel it’s a duty to survive it. This is a common sense among us. However, some people don’t want this style of life but they can’t change reality. In this sense, yes many Palestinians are heroes for their outstanding courage but for endless fight for what they believe in.

  3. Interesting. Not sure state naming is more than a political stunt, now Israel has started building new settlements. Not good.

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