The World Ignorance of Syria

Syria is suffering. Around one hundred people are killed every day and countless people are injured; what makes it more terrible is that many children are included. And yet Bashar al-Assad does never seem to resign president, besides some pro-Assad countries actually support him as the situation is getting worse and worse day by day. Moreover, the most importantly, people in the world are forgetting this massacre due to their housework. While you study at corrupt school, while you watch corrupt TV, dead Syrian bodies are going bad. Can you even imagine that? At least I cannot. This is too crazy for me to think of.

Free Syrian Army (FSA, anti-Assad side) and Syrian Arab Army (SAA, pro-Assad side) are fighting with each other. More than 42,000 people have been killed and yet the solution has never been on horizons. There has been a lot of politicians and officers of the United Nations who were working hard to stop this war, however, it seems that it is getting more difficult to solve this entanglement. The United Nations cannot send any effective force because of Russia, China and the United States. Russia even export weapons for the purpose of helping Assad, who is the incarnation of evil. China also has strong relations with Assad and the United States is reluctant to send their forces because its nations finally realize sending their forces to war in other countries suck. Also, I guess — or I believe — Obama lost his concern for this genocide because there is no oil in Syria. There should be a conversation like this in the White House one day: “President, civil war broke out in Syria.” “What, Syria? Mideast?” “Yes, sir. But it does not yield oil.” “Oh. Never mind.”

Anyway, congratulations on your re-election, president Obama. You definitely deserve Nobel Peace Prize.

I have something to make clear although it can surprise or disappoint you. But please keep reading, you will understand the most important thing I would like to mean. Actually, I am not pro-FSA, and what is more, am not pro-Palestine or pro-Kurdistan. Vice versa, I am not anti-Assad or anti-Israel. I can imagine your face now. But let me finish — I do be pro-justice and anti-oppression. I do not decide which side I should be by the name of sides. I decide it by what the side is doing. Therefore, if Palestinians kill Israeli civilians, I will blame Palestinians and be on Israeli side. Then look at the truth; Israel kills innocent Palestinians, doesn’t it? This means I have to be on Palestinian side. Simple as that.

I am pro-justice. I do not know what is justice like Dr. Michael J. Sandel does, but at least I know that Assad is never justifiable. So I am writing this on FSA’s side. FSA, of course, is not an angel or something like that; it indeed have done something cruel. However, the number of cruel acts by FSA is not in the same class as the one by SAA. It is just like comparing a bathroom and gas chamber. Surely, there are some people who die at a bathroom every year, but who makes a comparison with a gas chamber? It even sounds stupid, pro-Assad people.

I am not going to write about what is happening or happened in Syria here because I need millions of words to explain that – and I know that these words are also insufficient for it. You can visit The Revolting Syrian and Mar 15th to know a part of, but representing things which happened in Syria. (NOTE: Some pictures are too graphic for those who have weak heart. Please make sure you are not under 18.)

I mentioned that many people were forgetting this war and only minded their housework. People in the world only care about exciting sports, beloved beers, sexy celebrities and handsome performers. That is why I hate, where I have to see trashy trends related to these indifferent bullshit. (For your information, I recommend TweetDeck, which has no trends and advertisement.)

But to a certain extent, it is obvious thing, I suppose. Sadly, human beings are creatures which forget. Beyond all question, if it were not for neglect, all the honest people would die crying and only ignorant people and hypocrites would survive. Therefore I admit neglect like that, however, I would like you to remember people in Syria not less than once a day. Every time you wake up, every time you take a bath, or every time you go to sleep, think of Syrians. Pray for Syria.

Russia, China and North Korea should quit supporting Assad at once. The more immediate you act, the better the situation would be. It is obvious for everyone that Assad regime will fall sooner or later. Even the United Kingdom suggested help with Assad’s asylum. You should think carefully, Assad. Or you will be killed without fail.

5 responses to “The World Ignorance of Syria

  1. All Syrian people with the president Bashar Al-Asad ….
    fake revolution dear and delete this post ….

    • Please clarify which part of the revolution is “fake”? and please share a website or some evidence that depicts how “happy” and pro-Assad “All Syrian people” are. Thank you.

  2. Go Bless you for being a great human being and for standing with the oppressed. Eventually justice will prevail and the people will win at a hefty price

  3. As an arab i agree with 98% of what u said. Don’t agree with your statement that FSA did cruel acts. They r fighting mass killers for god’s sake! They can’t just let them go! an eye for an eye & those tresspassed are guiltier!

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