“Sensible Group”

Once upon a time, sheep enjoyed freedom. They were free indeed, but were also primitive. Wolves and foxes scared them all the time, besides they had to make an expedition to find some food. One day, a man came there and proposed that he would put a sturdy fence made with wood so that sheep’s enemy wouldn’t attack them anymore. Of course the sheep instinctively guarded against this proposal. Then the man laughed and said, “Look, I have neither keen fangs like wolves nor sharp claws like foxes. There is no reason to be scared of such a peaceful person.” Sheep thought his argument was valid. While they could not make up their mind and were hesitating it, the man built a fence quickly.

The gates were locked. The sheep couldn’t freely come in and go out of the fence without asking the man to turn the lock. The sheep argued that they couldn’t live in such an inconvenient place. Then the man laughed and said, “If the lock is so simple that you guys can turn one, wolves could easily open it, too. There is no reason to go out of the fence though it is dangerous outside. About food, I will bring so much grass that you guys cannot eat all of them.”

One sheep tilted his head and dubiously said, “It’s too good to be true. He will shear our wool and send us to the slaughterhouse, I reckon.” “No way!” The man answered strongly. “Please believe in my honesty. By the way, aren’t you a spy who receives money from wolves?”

This was a bit too difficult problem for sheep’s brain. The sheep who was suspected to be wolves’ spy couldn’t disprove it just like he couldn’t prove it, so he eventually got expelled. After all, those who assert that “Since the man proposes it like that, we should accept it for the present. If something is inconvenient, we can solve the problem with negotiations with the man,” regarded as “sensitive group,” became majority. Then the sheep went in the fence by themselves.

Everyone knows what happened after that.

To be continued…

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